source Fixed Deposit Rates: Amount (GHS): 500.00 - 5000.00 go site 91 Days: T-bill + 2.00% o con comprovata esperienza nel trading 182 Days: T-bill + 3.00% site de rencontre serieux tiilt 364 Days: T-bill + 4.00%

Our Corporate Profile Medi Ghana Microfinance Limited is licensed and regulated by the Bank of Ghana as tier-two non-bank financial institution to provide investment opportunities, support Small and Medium-Scale Enterprises (SMEs) and individuals with funds to augment their operational activities. Medi Ghana MF previously operated as an NGO for over 5 years under the name ‘Mercy Economic Development International’, serving the semi-rural communities with financial opportunities and humanitarian services such as medical, education and evangelical.

source It was incorporated in the year 2012 as a company limited by shares with an objective to empower the society through the support of local businesses, schools and individuals. Medi Ghana continues to use this opportunity to empower the community as a whole and most importantly women who are believed to be the backbone of a stable home and a successful community. As a Christian organization, Medi Ghana believes in the calling of our Lord Jesus Christ to love and serve those less privileged and to bring hope and through microfinance.

Medi Ghana Microfinance Limited is a Non-Bank Financial Institution driven by a passionate customer-centric philosophy. Our corporate theme is “Sustaining Communities, Giving Hope” anchored on customer intimacy and excellence. We are committed to making our customers preserve wealth and create value by delivering to them consistently excellent investment advice.

We constantly upscale our processes to delight the customer with better, faster, efficient, courteous and wealth creating service delivery. We have and continue to build trust with our clients through providing secure, high performing investments and reliable service. Medi Ghana Microfinance Limited received its license from the Bank of Ghana in October 2012 and commenced business in November 2012. Over the period this has in turn resulted in a strong customer loyalty which we continue to build on as we seek to become the most respected and reliable Finance House.

dialogue rencontre entre deux personnes anglais Our Vision

To build sustainable communities and give hope for the future through the provision of Economic opportunities.

go site Our Mission

To establish self-sustainability through the provision of micro finance services to our communities.

Make money from home 17 Our Corporate Governance

Strict adherence to best practices in corporate governance rules underscores the performance of Medi Ghana Microfinance Limited, The Board, Management and Staff of Medi Ghana Microfinance Limited ensure that our corporate decisions support our resolve to remain a highly respected and reliable Finance House. We have put in place enduring structures and systems to ensure that all business decisions are not only taken in the best interest of our organization but also in accordance with the legal and regulatory requirements in Ghana.

comment rencontrer une femme russe en france Our Market

Medi Ghana Microfinance Limited is structured to serve all manner of customers requiring highly performing and secure instruments. Beyond these, we have developed special capabilities to serve selected clientele which include Financial Institutions and High Net-Worth Individuals and entities to whom we provide investment and specialized lending services.

Our key markets include: 

  • Corporate Institutions
  • SME & Retail
  • High Net Worth Individuals
  • Fund Managers
  • Insurance Companies